Helpful Advice for our Customers

if you are too busy to arrange an appointment to see your doctor or feel your problem is not severe enough to talk to the GP, you can always call in to St Peter's Pharmacy. There you will be seen, in private if required, by a highly qualified healthcare professional who can give advice and if necessary supply a remedy or refer you on to a very wide variety of National and local services, if your problem requires further help.

Lifestyle Advice
With all the information about the best way to live your life constantly being updated, our pharmacist will help you decide what the risks/benefits are for various diets, exercise regimes, alternative therapies etc.

Managing Long Term Conditions
If you are one of the many people suffering from a long-term illness like diabetes or asthma, our pharmacist can help you with controlling the symptoms, checking your drugs are working and that you are not suffering from side effects. They can also tell you about non-pharmaceutical advice that can improve your quality of life.

Healthcare Advice
For minor illnesses or reassurance, you can ask our pharmacist for assessment and treatment or referral to the GP if necessary.

Men's Health
Everything from sports injuries to Athletes foot to hair regrowth products.

Women's Health
Everything from a boost when your rushed off your feet to menopause advice to the best remedies for your arthritis we are here to help you.

Medicines for children
When you little darlings are under the weather and just need something to help them over the worst of their symptoms we can tell you what's best for them.

Medicines for the elderly
Elderly people have special needs when it comes to medicines. Our pharmacist will be able to advise you what is most effective and safe for you.

Travel Health
We can provide you with a comprehensive service when you are planning foreign travel, including advice on vaccination and malaria prophylaxis, skin products, etc

Complementary Therapies
There are so many Complementary and Alternative medicines around that it is very hard to know good from bad. You can trust us for good, independent advice.