Lipotrim at St Peter's Pharmacy The Most Effective Weight Loss Programme

Obesity in this country is about to reach epidemic proportions. It is reported that as many as 4 million men and 3 million women are now classed as obese, the number having tripled compared to 20 years ago. Approximately 50% of the British population is classed overweight.

This hugh impact on health means that the government and healthcare professionals are finally taking the problem of obesity and excess weight seriously and are now looking at positive steps to halt and manage it.

If you're overweight and serious about losing weight, you can now get professional help from us.

Lipotrim is a Total Food Replacement programme that can help you lose weight safely and effectively. It has been used in general practice and in hospitals for over a decade and is now available at St Peter's Pharmacy.

Having the support of staff at St Peter's Pharmacy

Help is at hand. Running the Lipotrim programme through the pharmacy means you have the support and expertise of a health professional the whole way. Our staff are the health and medicines experts on the High Street and are already involved in helping people give up smoking and advising on healthy living. The pharmacy is also more convenient setting for weight management than the GP surgery, being accessible and informal at the same time as being discrete and confidential.

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